Riky Rick speaks about having his Family in music videos

Riky Rick speaks about having Family in his music videos
kand his wife

Riky Rick opened up about having his wife and children in his music videos during his latest guest appearance on episode 120 of Podcast and Chill with MacG that actually took place at boss Zonke’s house.

The podcast started with MacG asking Riky Rick about the uTatakho remix that he did last year with fellow rapper Yanga Chief, below is the conversation that took place between MacG and Riky Rick.

MacG : First of all uTatakho remix, how did that come about bro?
Riky Rick : Me and Yanga did some records, we have been doing records, he came over and said, yo I’m doing the uTatakho remix and I want you to jump on. Something about me I love doing remixes.

MacG : Because obviously you have a got a relationship with Yanga, so you’ll do the remix. What about other songs, maybe a song that you have heard and you do not have a relationship with the person?
Riky Rick : Everything is based on relationships, without a relationship we can’t work, there is no point for me in working without a relationship.

MacG : Why don’t you hip hop guys collaborate more, correct me if I’m wrong, I think there will never be a remix like Amantombazane, that was lit..
Riky Rick : Yeah, that was the craziest remix probably of all time and only because we were able to sort of catch everybody just before they were about to blow up in their careers.

MacG : So how much are you worth right now?
Riky Rick : The funny thing about net worth is, like for me I always look at money like I don’t have money. And I actually don’t because whatever comes in has to go back.

MacG : Do you lose your street cred when you do an amapiano song?
Riky Rick : Not really because I have been doing RnB, like singing RnB on joints for a long time, I have been producing RnB beats, so for me it’s about music and not just rap.

MacG : In South Africa people like to box artists, like if you are a rapper you can only rap which is weird.
Riky Rick : Maybe that can come from a place of envy, not really a place of like people trying to take away street cred based on your genre, I feel like everyone was always jealous of the guy that could ball with the left foot too, everyone was jealous of the guy that could dribble with the left hand and the right hand. So in music it is the same thing, there are some people who can dribble with the right hand and with the left, use both feet, you know what I’m saying, play with one hand behind their back. Sometimes you just have to give props and Drake is also someone who broke that boundary internationally. So I feel like locally we also try to box people into genres, which is cool but the truly special people never get boxed.

MacG : Do you think amapiano killed hip hop last year?
Riky Rick : I would not say killed hip hop, I would say that it took the forefront definitely of all music in South Africa. I do not think anything can kill hip hop, hip hop is a movement, first of all it is an underground movement, it is not a movement that is meant to be commercial to a passive listener all the time.

MacG : What was your favourite amapiano song last year?
Riky Rick : I do not know if I have a favourite.

MacG : Why do you think Maphorisa does not get the respect he deserves? Because in the industry we all worship Maphorisa, see his genius but normal people do not seem to do that?
Riky Rick : Well definitely now I think he is starting to get the respect and props that he deserves, I think right now he’s getting his flowers.

MacG : Uhhhmm Costa Titch, if that’s his name, Nkalakatha, dope verse on that one. How did that come about? Did he hit you up for that one?
Riky Rick : Yeah I always wanted to jump on a song with him because every time I saw him, he used to come with crazy energy performing, and then when he came with the Nkalakatha song, I was like this is gonna be the right record for him. So me doing the remix was really just shading light on the original version, and then Kiernan jumped on too, so I was like yo, let’s jump on this.

MacG : Speaking about Kiernan, what happened to an enemy of my friend is my enemy as well?
Riky Rick : Who said that? you can’t pull out this your venda proverbs

MacG : What do you think about AKA and Zinhle breaking about?
Riky Rick : They broke up? Well I did not even know that.

MacG : Yeah they broke up, it’s confirmed now. There was a video surfacing last week of him and some woman kissing at Rockets.
Riky Rick : I didn’t even know about that

MacG : So what do you think about it?
Riky Rick : I do not think anything, I think everybody deals with their relationships in a private space, you know I deal with my relationship in a private space so I would like to afford everybody the same.

MacG : What advise would you give guys in the industry about dating women in the industry?
Riky Rick : I have never dated an industry woman so I wouldn’t know, so I feel like a lot of people are trying to date industry people because obviously that is what you see on TV, well just cool, I wish everybody the best, everyone deserves happiness man, so whether its industry or not industry, whatever. Just know yourself and don’t forget that you’ve to grind and complete your mission too.

MacG : Lets talk about ‘You and I’, me and my woman we love that track and I’m always singing it to her.
Riky Rick : Why?

MacG : Because it is dope man, so was it a conscious decision to have your family in the video?
Riky Rick : Yeah, I think it’s the second time we are using the family in a video, so I think I want to use more and more family. I don’t like using actors, like if I’m talking about something that is close to my heart, something that I feel is a real story for me, I do not like having actors in the music video. I have had actors in the music before and it just does noot feel authentic.

MacG : What is the story about ‘You and I’? Because if I am correct, you are taking about, you are out their but you are not taking care of your woman, something about those lines
Riky Rick : Well it’s about trying to be as present as possible, at the end of the day when you chose this life and you go down this path, unfortunately your priority has to be your career. And what you are doing outside to advance your career, and to advance your moves or people talk about your presence and your relevance , so much of that can consume you as an artist, and when you have a family it is different, life has to be different when you have a family and that takes time to develop, it does not happen in the first year. It takes long to develop and that song is about acknowledging the path it had to be.

So we guess you all know why it is important for Riky Rick to have his family in his music videos.

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