Priddy Ugly disses A-Reece, Cassper Nyovest and Shane Eagle

Priddy Ugly has directed shots at A-Reece, Cassper Nyovest and Shane Eagle.

Priddy Ugly disses A-Reece, Cassper Nyovest and Shane Eagle

And well it has been trending and I’m sure some of you guys know about it, Priddy Ugly has once again shaded A-Reece, Shane Eagle and Cassper Nyovest.

He first dissed Nasty C, Shane Eagle and A-Reece on a freestyle that he dropped earlier this year and a lot of people at the time were saying that, that was nothing but wordplay.

But well surprisingly on his latest album, “Soil”, he has a track titled “Handful Of Dust” on which he shades the above-mentioned rappers.

In the first verse, Priddy is saying;

Priddy Ugly disses A-Reece, Cassper Nyovest and Shane Eagle

Priddy added;

Priddy Ugly disses A-Reece, Cassper Nyovest and Shane Eagle

Priddy further added;

Priddy Ugly disses A-Reece, Cassper Nyovest and Shane Eagle

And obviously, from the above lines, you can tell who Priddy Ugly is referring to.

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Giving my personal opinion, I would firstly say that Priddy Ugly is a good rapper and he’s one of the best emcees in South Africa musically speaking.

But from a branding perspective, I kind of feel like this has more disadvantages on his career than advantages, because the most important thing is that all the rappers he is taking aim at are above him career-wise.

Their names carry more weight than Priddy Ugly’s name, so the chances of these rappers actually responding to him are almost zero.

This situation for me is probably going to end up looking like the Kid Tini verses A-Reece situation.

Kid Tini sort of did take some lyrical shots at A-Reece, but never got a response and in the end, it was just him in the interview saying that he was no longer going to be entertaining any beef with A-Reece.

But truly that beef was just one-dimensional, it was only Kid Tini aiming shots at A-Reece and he never got the response he expected.

The only time beef makes sense is when it is going to be beneficial to both parties, responding to a guy like Priddy Ugly would seem more like putting him on than actually responding.

So with that being said, I doubt there are any of those rappers who is ever going to entertain any of that.

I doubt there’s anybody who’s ever going to respond to Priddy Ugly and in one of A-Reece’s old interviews, he actually explained why he doesn’t respond to a lot of rappers’ beef;

First you look at it and see if it’s going to benefit you as well, but if the person’s name has no weight, then no, it’s not advisable, you just ignore it and keep moving, that’s how I work,” A-Reece said.

But if the person’s name carries some weight and we can go like tic tac toe, I might as well respond, A-Reece further stated.

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And I also kind of feel like this is the same thing with Shane Eagle and Cassper Nyovest, they are also not going to respond to anybody.

At the same time it is also understandable why Priddy Ugly would do something like that, I mean he doesn’t have that much momentum right now.

And so if he was going to drop an album during the current lockdown when he isn’t really popping, it most probably was going to flop anyway.

But now that he has included a few lines here and there, it does help him to trend.

Anyway, let’s wait and see whether Priddy Ugly will get any response from any of the three rappers he has dissed on his latest album.

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