Is it true Blxckie betrayed Lucasraps?

These days if you aren’t a mainstream rapper, you are given a prefix title before rapper, like a YouTube rapper or the dreaded SoundCloud rapper. A lot of the new age artists however have started finding fame using these platforms, 6ix9ine was averaging 50,000 to 100,000 YouTube views per video before he even got signed to a label. South African artists using SoundCloud to promote their music were classified as the new wave, the pioneers of this wave are rappers like J Molley, Lethabo Acid, my personal favourate, PatricKxxLee and even today’s topic, Blxckie.

Blxckie betrayed Lucasraps
Lucasraps and Blxckie pictured in 2020.


Nearing the end of 2019, the song “What It Is” by Dr Peppa featuring Chang Cello, Lucasraps and Riky Rick was blasting on the radio waves, this song propelled the artist on the hook (Lucasraps) of the song, it was the first mainstream song were piano elements like the log drum were mixed within the kwaito and hip hop sound, it marked a change in the South African hip hop sound when more songs popped up with these elements.

Watch the music video of “What It Is” by Dr Peppa Ft. Chang Cello, Lucasraps and Riky Rick below;

But where did this kid come from?

The first time that Nasty C met Luke Duncan Malong also known as Lucasraps, he was so impressed by this 15-year-old that he put him on stage that day.

Below is a video of a young Lucasraps performing Nasty C’s songs “Jump” and “25” on Sunday 23 October 2016 at the Huawei Durban Day.

Coming from Durban, Lucasraps would then drop out of school and move to Johannesburg, DJ Maphorisa would sign him to his record label, BlaqBoy Music, and the first track that they would release together is “Amo”.

Lucasraps would soon release other songs living in Maphorisa’s living room floor, travelling with him and doing gigs and shows. While making the rounds, he would sign a management and agency deal with M4 Entertainment.

Listen to “Amo” by Lucasraps and DJ Maphorisa below;

Big Time Sh’lappa

Not much is known about M4 Entertainment, it looks like an artists management company that was started in Germiston, Gauteng and had a house/office in Midrand. The company is owned by Nandi Mwepu who was a brand manager at Africa Creative Agency and had managed other rappers and even at some point, Lady X.

M4 Entertainment would house Lucasraps as he was making a name for himself in the music industry, he would travel around South Africa eventually making his way back to Durban where he met up with producer extraordinaire, Geek Fam, Geek would invite a friend over, Blxckie, Lucasraps and Blxckie would record over ten songs together that night.

Later on, Blxckie would move over to Johannesburg looking for a place to stay, the first person that he would hit up was Lucasraps, he would go over to the house in Midrand and start recording more music with Lucasraps.

I remember when I first heard the song, I just remember that it was high energy and the raps were on overload. I’m always looking for new rappers and new talent, I had already heard of LeoDaLeo and the only time I had really heard Blxckie was on a song titled, “It Ain’t $afe” with Txurus and Shizze. I was on board when “Big Time Sh’lappa” was dropped, the video would put the song on overdrive.

Blxckie and Lucasraps
Blxckie and Lucasraps spent the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020 together recording songs.


We were immediately introduced to this new character by the name of Blxckie with this huge song that was buzzing in the streets, he had already amassed over 100,000 streams of his music on SoundCloud having brought in a sizeable fan base to the song.

Okay, so this guy can rap, but can he actually make a song? Blxckie answered this question by releasing “Uppity”.

Okay, but he’s just dope as a rapper, can he can make it outside of the rap niche? Blxckie answered this question by releasing “Hold”.

After releasing the single, “Hold”, it was official, uSomnyama had arrived.

With all the detective work that I did, I was unable to find what the reason for the fallout between Lucasraps and M4 Entertainment was. From what I found though and from the whispers, it had to do with the business, however we can safely say that it was around the same time that “Big Time Sh’lappa” was blowing up, and seeing that Lucasraps was in the industry before Blxckie, introducing him to the likes of Maphorisa and Nasty C, immediately your thought process would align Blxckie to move wherever Lucasraps would go, instead the below song would drop.

The above song immediately confirmed Blxckie’s affiliation with M4 Entertainment judging by the logo at the beginning of the music video. Blxckie would then go from strength to strength doing songs with Flvme, being featured on MacG’s podcast, the POPcast, and even getting a massive song with Nasty C.

Watch the music video of “Ye x4” by Blxckie featuring Nasty C below;

Do you remember the AKA and Cassper Nyovest situation? it had one pivotal moment where the lines were drawn, if you don’t, then check out this article (How Cassper Nyovest’s album “Tsholofelo” changed the South African music industry) to read the excruciating details of the beef origins between Cassper Nyovest and AKA. If Cassper had responded differently to the AKA tweet, we could have had a different timeline where Cassper Nyovest and AKA were friends.

So how would Lucasraps respond to the success of Blxckie and him staying at M4 Entertainment?


Most of the time when looking back at rap beefs, we are always shown examples of artists who were probably well known to each other and could have made history together but ended up beefing for something very small and meaningless. Drake and Meek Mill started beefing because Meek thought Drake was talking about his girlfriend on his song, his ego got the better of him and he started bad-mouthing Drake on Twitter.

AKA and Cassper Nyovest started beefing because they disagreed on whose song was better, it’s like kids on the playground. Lucasraps had a more than solid reason to resent Blxckie especially seeing the success that Blxckie has had over the last couple of months, but shout out to Lucasraps for giving the grown man response in this situation, this is exactly what we need, I believe that Lucasraps and Blxckie can achieve way more together than on their own, imagine a tour with both Blxckie and Lucasraps.

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